Panda CRM delivers powerful performance, instant response, and agile technology, enhancing your operational excellence.
With Panda's flagship CRM platform, you can manage multiple departments while focusing on growing your business.

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CRM Chat features
CRM Chat animation
Work anywhere, anytime

Panda CRM brings your team together
Continue to collaborate and manage your day-to-day operations using one easy-to-use chat software, wherever you are.

Video and Audio
Call Support

Initiate high-quality video or voice call, in a conference or in private, anytime.

Video call and Screen sharing

Share Screen
and Record Calls

Getting everyone on the same page has never been easier - share your screen while participating in an audio or a video call.

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Private and Secure

Our advanced Chat encryption and security protocols will keep your conversations safe & sound.

Keep your Access Levels in check

Connect your employees through #public and #private channels and engage your business partners within your own communication platform.

Fully customizable Corporate Chat,
not just for any team, for every team:

  • From video conferences to file transfer - all under one simple and user-friendly platform
  • Create public or private channels, groups, and chats
  • Control your permission and access levels across all channels and participants
  • Spark a conversation or transfer important files, safely and securely
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Fully customizable corporate chat

Never lose a single file.

Easily exchange and keep track of your files and uploads, in every chat or channel.

Never lose a single file